Salon Apprentices Required


We currently have two amazing opportunities to become a fully qualified hairdresser. We love to teach and many of our stylists today have come through our Academy ranks with modern up to date skills, full confidence and very high standards.

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Our primary objective for this role is to help maintain the salons high level of customer service and ensure our apprentices are confident in their two main roles. Assisting and Hands on Learning to develop their skills.

What we are looking for


The apprentice will be taught the skills required to deliver a wide range of assitance to the team.


Hard work and reliability are key for this role. The apprentice must be dedicated. Obtaining an NVQ is hard work!.


The apprentice must be willing to learn, practise lots and be happy to repeat tasks until they have mastered them.


The apprentice must be good at listening to instructions and obtaining the knowledge required to help them reach the top.


The apprentice must agree to work towards achieving specific goals.


The apprentice needs to build valuable relationships with their fellow apprentices and be a team player.


The apprentice will be responsible for their personal presentation, incorporating hair, makeup, clothing, shoes, nails and oral and body hygiene.


The apprentice will consider others in relation to remaining calm and polite at all times. Especially when under time pressure and preparing for the day.


The apprentice agrees to fully participate in informal and formal 1:1’s, team briefings and meetings.

A note from Leo

“What you do, proves what you believe”

We believe that the best way to get a happy customer is to have a happy team.

We really value our apprentices as without them the salon would not function. We understand that leaving school and starting a 40h week apprenticeship is extremely difficult and requires true hard work and dedication. You have to love it!

We look forward to meeting you!

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