Salon Manager Required

Salon Manager.

Our primary objective for this role is to help maintain the salons high level of customer service and ensure the salon has everything it needs to operate efficiently as a high-end establishment. Manage and motivate the team by helping them achieve maximum efficiency on the shop floor while encouraging them to achieve their daily targets.

Full Time - Salary 25-30K

Position filled!

Position Now Closed

Thank You to everyone who applied for this role. After careful consideration we have recruited Angela as our New Salon Manager!

The role of a Customer Service & Operations Manger


Ensure our experienced team has everything they need to be a success. A ready to go salon environment, daily targets, working equipment, products, stock, client information and a fully motivated youth team for support. Provide leadership by example in customer service for our young apprentices ensuring the salons high standards are met even during the busiest of times. 


Lead the team to achieve our performance expectations and encourage mindful communication. Manage the team via our dedicated app, using all its features to keep everyone motivated, up to date, organised and acountable for tasks. 


Develop your skills, share your knowledge and Inspire our salon team to be the best they can be. Organise team bonding days and fun evenings after work to maximise happiness and job satisfaction!


Help build on the salon’s success and take it to new heights. Manage retail and service sales targets to help the company reach its goals. Ensure the team are maximising their time effectively, analyse reports and find creative ways to help us improve.


Maintain a full understanding of the technical services we offer. Our use of chemicals and the manufacturer’s recommendations for use with our methods of application. Maintain full knowledge of our teams individual skill levels and what the salon needs on a daily basis to operate smoothly.


Actively seek ways to develop and maximise The Salon business. Email blasts, sms blasts, last minute cancelations! evening parties! be the spokes person of all the wonderful news and offerings at LB.


Use our booking software to run and analise sales reports and monitor exactly what is hot and what is not! Create fun ways of moving on dead stock and ensure the salon always has the most popular products on demand.


Ensure team members adhere to reporting procedures for holidays, rotas and absence. Maintain and understand the knowledge of The Salons procedures and operations, Salon computing systems, Health & Safety protocols and Human Resources processes.

Training & Development

Ensure all staff receive appropriate training and development as identified in appraisal training needs analysis. Ensure team members maintain high standards in terms of product knowledge, technical precision and service application. Keep them motivated with regular team meetings.

Human Resources

To undertake quartterly staff appraisals and ensure appropriate procedures and paperwork are followed. To effectively manage any disciplinary issues according to The Salon disciplinary guidelines. Manage Punctuality & Attendance.

Maintain Image

To lead by example. Manage the team to ensure all working areas, stock areas and colour bar meet Company standards of tidiness and hygiene as per guidelines and ensure all staff consistently meet The Salon Grooming Guidelines.

Working Relationships

Hug Customers, reward good team performances with praise and incentives. Maintain regular communication with the team and provide your full support. Encourage the team to support each other and contribute to a positive working environment whilst meeting the company’s sales and performance targets.

A note from leo

“What you do, proves what you believe.”

We believe that the best way to get a happy customer is to have a happy team.

The salon doesn’t need a boss. It needs someone to encourage, direct and support a friendly, established working team with their kindness, experience and wisdom that will, in turn, keep them accountable and help maintain the best customer experience and working environment out there.

We look forward to meeting you!

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